Lehua Kalima of Na Leo with her three keiki - Malie, Kalamaku and Kialoa - along with her Mom, Pat Kalima.

"You Don't Remember" has become a classic Mothers Day song throughout Hawaii, and we always get requests for it, especially at Mothers Day. This is the story of how it came to be.

It was 1998 and Na Leo was just wrapping up a studio session for their next CD release I Miss You My Hawaii. Nalani asked Lehua if she could write something new for their upcoming Mothers Day show. A couple days later Lehua was already finished with the new song and she started to play it for Nalani and Angela. You need to know that at this time, Angela had 3 children and Nalani had just given birth to her third, but Lehua hadn't yet had any babies. The ladies were brought to tears at how perfectly the song expressed the love Moms have for their children.

Amazed, Nalani and Angela asked Lehua how she wrote this song? She began to tell them a story about this birthday card her mother gave her. Her mom at the time was far away you see, missing her daughter, living on the mainland, and that year's simple birthday card said it all.

On the front of the card it had a newborn all wrapped up in blankets and said "You don't remember", and when Lehua opened it up, on the inside of the card it said "but I'll never forget - happy birthday".